Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Chelys Bean Appears Griping Out the Flog From the Lines

and there was Dionysus, who was not Nermes, and Nercules, who was not Mesele,
and if I were a snake, I'd just expand forever and ever, like a hand, ink falls drifting into silence, the index, like a crooked stick pulled from a blinding foam 


First and foremost, it is our budget which prevents us from visualizing freedom.
We have the freedom to fail, and that is enough.

Goya is here even now, and Turner. Ready, Aim, Fire Romantically!

Sometimes a situation is just like a wallet, and all the bills just lay down flat and rest awhile.

There's no use calling it anything other than commerce, believe me, I've tried..

Finally I've found it, the external vagina fungus codpiece of Pinocchio...
Now I'll make a chin.

I will feed them halos
of red cheese
and massage their knees
these slithering sky blue donkeys
will engulf me with their 
label nauseam

R. Makara

How would u like a back-pack to live in, eh little boon-appkin?
I knew a sock named Tony once..
I knoo a ghost stalking page puller imp pyre flogging lines of fight.
Now learn your marching steps!

Lysine moves and changes.
a slow river of stones
is caught up in their needs and baggage.
ah this pink shell.
I never go outside anymore.

I see Dali floating up from our Caligari Caravan..
Thin weevil-like mustaches clutch his feminine naked feet
like heirloom curcuses

Drinking non-Newtonian fluids
allows me to put a scissors in my head.

It was my first day at college, and everybody wanted to pet my monkey.

petals flow and epipheno
modala monda monada 
a rose is never a rose is never a ruse is always a ruse is always

floral horseshoe, will you not be my sand dollar
my ratchet jawed bonnet
my thin 
bouquet like
dinner plate

for a thin bohemian girl
she knew just what to do
our urchin clown noses
gave us instant princeton
instant folo
and heavy vibrating steel turtle shells
hover like weapons
she pets sage

well, the snipper
didn't quite make it
(all old cokes their mighty breats confey)

There is an eerie ay that Richter
in his deep Herodotus
pulls up from color to the lap
of traditional tragic theology

tragic theology
has all the trappings
trapped in theater
trapped in shut your
yab yum
Kerouac Tonsure Confettis

in the lake of tonsils
there is no Leroi Jones sing
I gamble for every plaid
a bucket brigade
its beautiful but worthless
no make that insanely beautiful
and hyper useful
make it anything
diamond rotunda
full of kick lines
tofu androids
feeding themselves
to huge slug-like super brains
in rapt worship

The Black Man
is the Invisible Man
is the Golztius
and Grrr-lad-you-ate

these fans of korea
are panty hose

have a corporate experience
have a conflicted day

I say, bit of a feral fangoy with all that abstract art, I saw two chaps passing paint back and forth bettwen their clestion marks, cubic heiney pleats i see a towering black and bracheated head tome, yes stripe, hello darling

you will throw off boldly and explode with color, anger or delight
and then fall delicate as a lamb
into velvet thyme pockets moving quiet as mantas
in the breach
only my toes
are sentient robot farms

Don't ever undermisunderfestibate
the jelly crayon
pelvic hive girldles
will fess you botero
dub ass

Just Jump!
You're Claes Oldenburg fer Chrissakes!

I bet Claes Oldenburg can't do that..

I am sex with Mowgli
and racecars
and flour pura.

I'm teach you system that done down DOUGHN WHORK!

Instead of the six oclock

i rustle
thinly in dark
and dusty

If I sing
this Wien will rise
If I sing
this thing will rise

I came out of Andy Warhol's rectum
dressed like a cookie jar..

living as a wrestling match totem pole
the sth stoplight faded

flowing down
i stared
looking down 
i stared
the gold gilt sled
carried vellum
and dye

wheat gorgon homunculi
are woven by angels
into angels

the actuall meaning of prison.
confined to a single moment
like a pin-prick
by which only GOD 
knows itself
to death.

spinach machete power!
and suede nimbus collar

i think i have a heart murmur
or a miniature black demon thing
rustling inside of me
or you
do you read ITALIAN GOMAD..

wax cause

one frosty nil he sat along
deep plagoo
jacket to the scrim

biggest drink in the world
very eclectivukvuk droodle

come thee porno tonsil
do you believe in content?
and grammar?
a pelvis will unite them
a snow pelvis gloweth
in the bountain
to sweet candy
but keep the math on


fill up my myth with sugar light bulbs
I gpot a burga
and sold off all I dot
look at me wiggle in infinite weirdness
all becoming something

the torreador
just whispers
rear view hiro hito

a mermaid
is not a skink
nor a gecko

I am F. Murray Abraham.

Do you think about Jim Morrison
with glandular epaulets?
Do you think about
guitar sausage over fragrant 
ginger dolls.
You can expand this room with a mouse over.


It was an ancient stringed instrument (invented by Hermes) which was already popular and widespread in Mycenaean times.Closely associated with the worship of Apollo and a means of education for young persons, it constituted, along with the "aulos" (clarinet), the national (and often "competitive") musical instrument of the Greeks.
In its earliest form ("chelys"), it consisted of the soundbox (with a palpitating membrane from the skin of an ox or kid stretched over the open side of a concave tortoise shell), the two arms (made of goat horns or two similar curved wooden rods) and the crossbar (a cylindrical piece of wood connected across to the arms). The, equal in length, strings (from 3 to 12) were primarily made of hemp or flax and later of twisted animal (e.g. sheep) gut or sinew. The strings were secured to a brace (tailpiece), passed over the bridge ("magadion") and tightened on the crossbar. The adjustment of tension (tuning) was initially achieved with the help of a thong, later with a free or fixed slip of wood, but also wooden tuning pegs ("kollavoi").
The player held the instrument against the left side of his body (often with the help of a sling). The left-hand fingers pressed or plucked the strings while the right hand struck the strings with a "plectrum". The "plectrum", which was attached by a cord, consisted of a curved handle and a pointed blade of ivory, horn or bone.

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