Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wright Outlines The Tea Stain And Then Forces The Wad In A Pocket

otherilluminedrove if
awlwhitealbionic shawl
shoal cliffed up broad
current ed een ought
told what what book
what combine what
open O theri lumined

mind lux shoulder
before the river framing
onset break out ool
ool fern frim film moth
to fry high ice sets
teal rolled leaf gryfaun
cup eye where hyle cupped
I strange O theri what ever
whenever beast throng its howl hallow
manged kiss shoreline fume
let coal suit case proffer
let card tricoin collar
the decibel emblem's
insect brittlelaceform tattle
sniffkurring shilldren
their highnostril hirnabeehivesleeve
sleep pule coll holdrum
and bungadrum extrude
a curling and long white marble 
column through

ah caryatid foam sponge moodisol
your camphor mirror perfume
your solar coiffure feats
feats the toil
and brinklished lash
torn scar urns
trapped in pale
lavender amber
how a churning figurehead
sleds to the un-pun
and how frought
and silent the pun
it goes

and every placquard yieldt code fet
will lock in place now blind
from-to selbstsucht in 
selbstsucht from-what
clue the sphinx its 
soft instrument behold

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