Monday, January 20, 2014

Cinderella Visits The Salon des Indépendants And Displays Her Glass Urinal Shoes For Czar Nicholas Clad Only In Roses

independence cannot taste
its own fluid. perceive there is 

a philtre which cannot block this.
the true milk which prospers remains

within its camp. twinned bright jesters
or pink prancy cyclops connect

to become the lamb, a lamb
whose rouged and crooning nipples

are self-connecting with electricity.
these gemini saturns are squeezed

by their own rings, and squeezed 
by ringlets that vibrate to a hypersonic 

pitch the urns that resound as alabaster 
suction cups arranged around the wheel 

and axle of a lunar buggy. independence
wills no taste of its own, but pushes

against the wills of others, their camp,
their urns of nipple flesh awreathing

with electric cyclops lamb, the static
crackling of lavender-suffused-milkings

where crooners or knight orchids
of alabaster grandness twin themselves

against the reign of glee, that pink sea
whose shell is a sound, all sound renounced

before a single great black eye, a shell
which vibrates then flies away. independence

only exists in a single geological epoch
moving slower in its own fluids.

Cinderella bumper car shoes...

[mews balcony]
[mews balcony]
the feat of the feuding foot (food) remains, The Imperror has No Close

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