Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting Fixed in Anthemusa

As Seen Through Strange Black Branches

The lazy wren is budding still
On the rocks where the sailors die.
The lazy wren stops up its ears,
Stops up its ears with flowers,
Flowers from a cocktail sky.

The cocktails spread themselves
On the rocks where the sailors die.
The cocktails stop up their ears
Which spread themselves like sails
The lazy wren is singing.

The lazy wren is dying,
And the sailors sing its song.
The flowers all are floating,
Floating through the door,
And flowers all are ears.

The lazy ears are dying
On the rocks with lazy wrens.
The sailors now are sewing
Their cocktails to the door.
The lazy Odysseus always wins.

The wren sirens the rock,
And the sailors sew the sea,
But see no chicken, no cock,
no flock, and no flea, but, 
Ulysses is shaped like an ear.

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