Tuesday, January 7, 2014

flip-lap-top-tooth dream

just woke up from a kind of Cronenberg-esque Asian cult cinema cyber-noir spy thriller.. i was some kind of future spy who had been caught by someone. i woke up in a small tiled room laying precariously atop the naked metal skeleton of a chaise lawngue chair which was itself sitting precariously atop a raised steel 'drain parapet' like something you'd imagine being a guard or a feedbox for a meat grinder.. around this steel box in a narrow path paced a black pull, cold, snorting, sick and snotting, and with both his horns shorn.. at some point i noticed a biting pain in my foot, and looked to see he had already eaten some of me. oddly i popped open one of my teeth with a latch which was somehow 'chemically coded' and in another tooth above it a small lens could view the now open tooth as a tiny laptop inside my mind. that same tooth could be used as a primitive peg stylus, as there were only like 10 keys on this keyboard. i entered in a code, and in a few scant seconds a glass dart began ooching its way through my forearm's skin.. i pulled it out, broke off the tip and rammed the point into the bull, which quickly dropped to the floor and died, but its body was still gurgling and moving.. when that stopped. i reached in its rectum and pulled out a horrible cruel looking gun, but sort of elegant, like a big sawed off shotgun made of translucent bullhorn.. using an em blast of some kind build from synthetic muscle batteries stacked in the nuzzle i blasted through the wall to see if i could get a skull beacon out..

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