Friday, January 17, 2014

What shall I giveth in the taking?

for it giveth with one hand
and taketh with another
and then it giveth back again
only broken but will taketh
the broken with two hands
and refashion it and then giveth it
but it may require a new license
but who shall give the broken
a license to giveth when they
have been taken or when they
giveth to the taken a broken
token being passed back
and forth sometimes licensed
and at other times broken
for there are three hands
on every token and four eyes
and there are six hearts breaking
the token whose license has been
taken by the giving who take
the token to open the way
for the closure of all giving
by the taken whose broken
tokens are giving the giving
a taking aback of their brokeness
which giveth and which taketh
aback again

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