Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To Narrenzeth noshörning Vortiger

curling bent and decided surmount
the wet winged tompon-alahelo
rent on for conceit
lit lantern whole body
onward the page it pushed
bisected by soldier (idol mantle)
to oracle as plumes
pranck-planck a peacock
curled over cobra unworthie
of the commune breathe ayre
but only as a lung lit mantle
should care
its whole cross purpose
betwixted ossigenare
salt plato lost looking continent
whole body countenance lit
for mantle, the oracle soldier
its space lantern movement
attached inoperor
echo ecoi enlieu endroit
add modant slayne
powtarzać mlynář
the prowest nights at gorund
eke good help
its beat face all to the severed log
how a lantern conceits
the white hot paper lace glove its
caneremur assorbirebbe

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