Friday, February 14, 2014

Anthemic Euology To Domestic Trash Compactors

with my own goals gushing english and 
denying plot the jelling grief 
confused you but the file revolves 
around the king's wet hanging
and cheeky it revolves about the 
bovine beau chewing industrially 
killing tangent's collapse with a 

with a hand like a tongue 
quiet chaos taps the plot 
its divan like toy training pants
worn by a serpent on a jay

citizen song digs skin disease 
like scabies and binky pegs 
a casual wing fang to mao 
observing tumultuous 
bhang sewage training pants 

so scratch the whole tame rose rafter's
wet celebration dig leprosy for the whole 
of binky got scattered in with wing fang marsh 
and so the be bored rafter of kemei bay resort 
digs leprosy

leprosy conga is the whole of binqi's 
peg bay casual wing fang 
for binky's fang peg is angry dog ​​dirt 
be careful with the auralia elata 
its tumultuous bhang sewage training pants 
are scratch the entire tumult

pluck skin disease scabies 
or the flooded will dig dirt conga 
skin disease scabies whole 

binky's peg bay got casual
and the wing fang mao group of springs 
revolves around tumultuous rafters
hanging old binky's scattered collapsing agents
tap when the enemy moves to support 
revolving pigwash she says decanting crazy sooners
her jive files revolve around the conga king's wet 
sooner bovine decanted drain junipers, DUH

so scratch the entire prison
and dig skin disease scabies conga
the whole binky peg bay's got 
casual wing lined fangs
and its most generous sacrifice 
is the overseer juniper tide 
observing auralia elata's 
tumultuous cut bang sewage training pants

as sewage I dare you to dig dirt leprosy
or scratch the crazy tumultuous wet tatami gushing soup
of deterrence which revolves around the transition 
to observing data hunting digging leprosy

a lion picking mulberries knocks numbers
observing the entire prison
and sewage training pants langue
cups the gang for binky is
diana's hongkong unicorn soup munchkins

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