Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Henry Fuseli moved to despair at the grandeur of antique fragments.

as agate's cursor infeed's penumbral string, the uncarbed block's twould sings, DO NOT KISS THE PRINTS, and sew, the vaca vagus resumes, a warm cube vieweled only by an eye within the perineum, ministirring twin psycles, their hearth moon sooned in hiss and wheeling ledgerblythely..

as the one spoke or fish of the wheel, I turned from the will of orthography
to an emblem of the tree laureled beyond all shadow, a lyre-clock soon attached to kit
by champagne in bed, cold zigzagging everywhere within our cross
inanswerable legs, silver laurels of silver trees, these mumblems bubble the page to the heir's transparent terminous.

light for one solitary moment the single drop at the tip or utmost bottom of the stalactite organ of perception, a council cussing force into Dodonan rudderlings, their inkwell meetings upon the dark at ad, at love, and their faces, a plurale tantrum, make decoys match themselves. Council in wish, is council at ad, and the silence refracts and buttresses.

you have brought a silver spider to ooze this stalactice hart tongue'd antler blazon, but the space between will close, its emptiness revered as a going to thread, and as a threading to evenwhere's anon, no answer, but single snow hyphen drifting as city, all mood tastes with crystal chiarborscrewohm eating eyeslips deflection.

To wit a sovereign mandate is obscured! Black sphere returning vagus door to leaf plain!
Would that only Graeae tell Persis to connect with Perseus pouch!
Is a grey marble brain attached to faun door by white pyramid fractalling striata exits? 

I have become thrifty to invoke this little known pause whose infection reverses the sod, and then resumes, marbling the pageless turnings which break down the final stone of the great fwork..
Imps tithe thistles upon its mirrored mournings.

And then inject the dice with a silver syringe, and give the grasshoppers back
their bottled omens.

view here the candle fork made from the waxy eye-tusks of Pamphredo, if you dare, and wash your foot-gloves toward the forward p'letheur,
your feet as blunt as nuts, your seanails transparent towings...

oranged honest stockings cluster a beach of furniture, but I exume
a beast ewer whose breast pears glide among the triangular cakes
our conversation takes without our knowing, a wheel over water
to standard thy thighs are like transparent jellied eyeballs covered with hard blue glass cheeses. 

In Taxidermy was Caliban united with the rest of poetry, so that the greatest wizard of all could be counted as a divan especially fitted over the hearthlike entrance of a labyrinth whose bull was flame and seeking. He rose, and he rose, and heroes heldep the skinsor cathedral's locking plate.
All gesture is awkwrode hear..

the mania of candor
is universal.
The universe.

chant til lazy
and world or skull
come easy to hand
but anonyme candor
the mise en scheme
and grand is the disguise
of its banter
Elvis Two Tomes and a Bather Piano

Would you prefer I accost the irony of humor, or the humours of irony,
both are but incarnations of the primal event's vaginal lapels
where smoke makes a literature of armor for water...

My glove in its third afterlife became a seagoing vessel

true logic is a filter,
but joy beyond trash
sees a glowing heart construct itself
from rubble.
What tender shoot would ceaze the fome
of obeyance?
Vox vuxom crimson
(cauliflower teeth lounge)

a schedule.

just before the print was schist, its pilot
frowned to the forking bliss.

blood and sand however
what plane a conquistador of flowers move
into its cold pluromal cave ignite
that a brocade of hot poppies
their bird helmet scribblings
back out the trail

a hollow horse
will cup the sap

the first flower
its dream thirst
to wedding

along a sky-blue cyst
I discovered amazing vessels
(curatus excessus sint vobis in signo).

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