Wednesday, February 5, 2014


in a port town, selling frankincense and perfumes

and wiles swee' kissabou towardset the hole
whose frame fresh flange lace is stamped from
azure magma plume
that same loop is lifting
and lifting stillness tou
avawhare in other hares
their frosy eyebleams brankiolet a fewm
these hurd guide sonnets of blister
the eye whole spread
the scorch'd flange for sighsolegroom'd
forced out of plateless to the sky
eye'm whole its een pecked grublen voles
cast clues thighs cat for yellorbellbatskin
sored if gutters woven

bobbed frankstoned pumn
or in how the amulet is poured in
from the top
the image then convexing around
foose a chyrodopia
pause remembering its dark narrcred punge
for the when the poured the middle
aa certain emblems transparent to the vain
and pass through to the whole
wiles swee
faced out

and pegged
to the bonnet prinsuchcuthbraiding
ebbscutcheon'd puce
the riddle a basiliskingkolefaun
for no whole leaks snouth
but bane the waucet a clyme
and bilt thuff fin minneslides
for their truncating millia
bruise clam rigged phases
their chin jewelry
alive and busketing
raised up as primes and flagolithopsurds
while their navelstrings
hang mushy with the grit
of grinding idylls
and boxes of thugs
rouged like gristle
where the tooth nerves
collar the cackling mole
its sunthistlefountain

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