Friday, February 7, 2014

If Ought With That Little Teeming Substache, The All Of It May Fitly Like Your Grace

you accrue the haiku focus
and it turns your self around
that's what it's all about 

Queen Pasiphaë
will see you now, 
in the bronze room...

The totality of labor
inordinately renders Jacques
an absurd duelling of passionate buoys
and so hearken
to the dwelling
that you would not shame
the mother snake
of the om-phallus.

by the power of grey skull
and project blue book
by Pierre Louÿs
 La Conque and Astarte

at sweet sixteen
I entered the tikki kibbutz
in search
of the final erotic commonstrance

I used to use a throwing spoon, but later bumper cars,
we were very happy,
and poor, 
we had the midas touch.

If I was not Obama, I would like to Elizabeth Taylor
in tight buckskins
making a film about the rise of the 

The reality is that consciousness itself is
kitsch, or glitsch, or economics, or semiotics,
or poetry, ohh fuck it.

So you finally came around, and it is sickening,
Futurism is all furniture and games.

There were a lot of men, actually, who went the way of 
The brown lamb wanders the seashore,
and the wine of eye, ocks a terrible
and beautiful sea. 

In my first delirium, hope led me
to a stone callous
which had a center
like a pale and perfumed
chartreuse oyster
which we had much trouble
with our stiff stone swim fins
embossed with the face of 

I have come.
I am the baguette,
and the apercu.
Touch me 
and dowsing.

Every balcony
is its own reward.
Only embrace
the ideology
of the unimpeded view.

As a child, my pilgrimages
were always to meet
with Herr Doktor Doolittle..

Pain beseethe a camera, but as my chymera comes
so sphinx come, 
so rectification answer
the ground mantic poulice.

Every instance of the word ghost
I changed to desert,
and every instance of the word desert,
I changed to ghost, but 
suddenly there was a light:

only unbilled expediture has sufficient spontaneity

and centrifugal force

to escape the gravitational field of avarice

its calculus


But this "eo ipso"
you speak of
is tantamount
to a prodigious facility with

and bacchus tears were never the vines of grapes
but the blurred entonsillments 
of ivy.

Part of Nietzsche's idea of the art of giving
is that the giver -if he cannot remain concealed,
which is apriori impossible for an author --cannot
present himself in a false perfection, since he would thereby lie his way
out of the world and continue simply
to fool the receiver, which is tantamount
to a humiliation.

I've ridden more dolphins
than you've had hot meals, but I did
also I must confess
reach aneurism
in high azure nudities of wine
and glass symposia.

the sex you offer
is all of my mouth

my only candor
was to render Frankenstein
as a blind little girl
selling flowers
to vampires.

My parents went to war
and all I got was this stupid 

Well, if you do believe the hype,
would you mind
wearing a water baby.

I'm so tired, 
I haven't slept a wink.
I'm sooooo wired,
my mind is like a tinkle-tink.
I wonder if you'd get up
and wear a purple sink?
No No No?

In armerica we'll be irrish people..
here we're just couch potatoes.

Thus spat

I am the ICE MAN!
I am the ICE HAM!

Since this is rather abstract, let's move into a more
Fowler and Fowler mood, a sort of 
unattached participle

when wrything, the soleschism
must be chose with Claire..


Diachrony-within-synchrony expresses the heterogenous discontinuity of linguistic temporality.

I'll let you know when the conjuncture is over, but first the jonquill's conjunta of shedu..

I refuse to master any language, nor slave my tongue
to your slavery.

Miss ATOM!
says so.

culture is no more arbitrary
than transparency is invisible

I'll have 3 corny dogs, a large tator tots, no, make it cheeze tots,
and a ROUTE 44 cherry limeade, please

Making these Dr. Pepper ads is always such a blast
here in Poland..

Revolution is now.
If you want it
to look like Etruria
you might have to work it a bit harder.
Nothing good is worth Kronstadting, OORR

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