Thursday, February 20, 2014

prank clean glad

valveless plethora when reducing
palette arcs thine martial 
protocol cold cod laminate 
the arch sign persist 

let no hand steeple 
oarrule leaf fonk hod 
grey leather snake wig 
for carved ghee cadaver 

our smoke in tiny 
flowers however blister mad 
whole hollow white marble 
sphere cracked open sojourners 

ascending the spill flat 
foot splay foot camel 
if only aspire its 
stench dark urine cubes 

frail armor to fern 
sweet meadow moons giving 
gush before false legion 
veil less panther as 

words are broken into 
punishments the colors egg 
their holes sweet seeds 
to puppet a nonsense 


cabaret attacked
minerva terms
it was the last action
of the year

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