Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tension Mounting Erebus

glosso convolvullolum
in peck thist thad

tide cunning stones
fill linking the color or
shape of a hybrid dissolvsing

ᾼ ᾳ ῌ ῃ ῼ ῳ
uncunny its apartment
aparsement being
vaguely molecular

seems to thread the sheer box
the universe our only no kind of home
tide cunning stones
and ides a summalith

and ides a summalith
you'd never see this coming
waves on wave of saracens
our raucous wrything'd shawms

nikaken urcoo name pierce
if thread the kundalini farm
candor divided by beckett
and to climb up throo
this ladder of replicating pelvis
until the blurred iota
is but one carved ice pawn
whose pilot quills
our frozen venus

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