Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Being an Essay upon the Life of Peter Strudel...

So Mary K , 
who announced in the first 
sentence tram accident 
forms a clamp 
around the entire book. 

René's sister 
Etelka Grey Man's 
life story is told 
in perspective 
on their suicide pact.

Peter Strudel ascended
the glorious ramp
to the psychopompouspheric

Chief Vintnercloud formed
the Austrian Tobacco Monopoly 
with their cigarette and cigar brands, 
and performed a general renaming 
of the streets surrounding 
the construction and demolition 
of buildings considered without 
anachronism, the inner common 
denominator of most people, 
however, Herr Schezorampen
sought out the brokenness 
and fragility of the characters
which the demons displayed
in the lighted windows
surrounding the budding 
finances of the fiance's 
secret visit which 
the concierge remunerated.

The perfect metaphor:
an art school.

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