Sunday, May 18, 2014

Changing Some Axioms Within an Abstract System.

who could have countered the flow
Frankenstein at one end of the board meeting
with his patchy white weave and exclamation ghost mark feather
had fallen silent
and Erskine Caldwell at the other end
describing a cult he had found
their transparent bicycles cattle cheeks so heavy
with gelatinous sacs
wild tobacco in all the dark veins
of the valley

I see you.

you are the elegant wheels
concentric golden rims
to ring the fate of ebony
in a tawny maple sea

3 dim bulbs
slowly clap sing
clap sing
estuary bubbles
no omphalos
but the eye
no eye
but the navel

drink deeply of conjecture
and let its grave light
pin you
to the cloonatutre
the fungal river
at the base of the engraving mashine's
litter omdrull.

No staff memebers have removed your legs again.
note: with all expediency your bouncing rubber ball
must become again
the no kafka mouse nose
your tuba page
could empty its further led decline
and keyhole rubber dixie music

for a time
like fine-haired eyebrows on the page
up and down
the prismatic

Get a load of this Alphonse:

Framed in stains,

the fractured optics descended
into itself

along a sui generis garden

whose positive stare

criss-crossed a chasm

of chaotic casas

whose ultimate causes
(if I were not this meteorite
I would like to be Diogenes)

lay unknown 

in the caustic autumnal autism
of otherness

zarzad me
the music strung vertical
must consist
of deep regularities

punt curated
by horizonal

the super-calumny
of its secret tourquoise

the heavy breathing baby
which runs from the table


that's some caveat,
these caviar robot emblems are whirling mad and beautiful

the human coral
always resembles
a theater

It is strange.

books and readers
can take any phoorm.

there is no original scorn
but dry circles
hug the walls

your only meteorite

the will
to be
to burn
to sing
is a system
of punctuation

the table
might be cynical
but the ground
is still delirium.

it started thinking again
after a very young age.

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