Tuesday, May 13, 2014


,Does the calamity line
,upon the unreal abstract lie
for which the shadow,
of the nib's fib's sibling's,
,Ibsen synthences
,an Egon cast to blur,
golden lemons,
black lemons,
,laid on amber plates
,laid on silver chargers
depicting pegasoi,
,whose heads
ala makarana,
,lay crocodilettantrick
the maxilloi,
,emitting, the, ,minium, pwonth,

Are you like me, or not?
Are you a picture, or a knot?
Are you being something, or is the being
something everywhere?
Think before and after, to
force and repast.
What great bouquet
arranges its photons
as a scree of hands?
If man and woman form a conjugated flow,
or any such subjugation, why alienate
writing by looking any deeper.
To store.
Or not to store.
Both are impossible,
and inevitable.

Example: I suffer from nested examples.

Exemplar: Due to very recent examples, and after long suffering and deliberation, I bequeath to you, nested exemples.
Come to the mad city!

even now the rays' media
is being mechanically translated
through the membrane of your pupil.

Every pupil
is a boundary.
Every person
a schitzonoiac recapitulation
of the nation state
a mispelling
a notional state,
a punctum
a nib
a din
a dyning
or conjugation.

All I know is that I suffered
from a curvature of the IS
and ended up nesting
in a nest of nested examples,
an exemplar
of the ontic antic
fauntic frantic.

He made multiple threats to me
but I just kept growin and growin
until I became
the whole delicious monster
just like everybody else,
a mystirlium.

I bet you've never seen a little purple frog like this
wear a crown of tiny wriggling roses and write in a little book before, eh?

Basic Hermeneutics.
dressed like albino stags
and waldtzing.

And it isn't that the image is necessarlity
evangelical, but that photons
interfere as grace
in all razmedazzlium.

pricks eats the profits,
but the poem itself
has always been a monster.

G. Maw and Is. Law
are connected
within the global
geographic computation.

It is only natural
that when history becomes very loud,
our desire is that silence
the unnatural does not exist
to shut up.

I Know pronounce ewe
hose and lamp,
you may wife the kite.

a soul once laughter
can never be cut by the other
or bit apart. 
see a bullet hole in the context,
see a palm reader
in the wetter of the law.

Do you Razmeda
being of mind sound
and loud media
forget which is paper
and which is pen?
Monster Pressing-Din,
Brong down this wail.

Monst of the cliche's are made in backroom deals,
but it's a bit of a stretch to say witch which when your urwhich
watches the wachenfichtentodlerharangenklangen.

I brought you another big book, Mr. Writer, bit ein kunst ee
you are still just thinking about fans with black and white
alternating fins.

D'ja evah here the one about Heraclitusk
and Athvenus, and the hoary tail
of the elephant's trunk.

The Avant-Garde's only possible avenue of growth
is to switch from CHARIVARI to CHIAVARI..

"beware the red caps
who bear the golden begging hand..."

was the blemish.

or point.

I will scrawl
tiny indecipherable

There's something about legibility
I never trusted, but then,
I'm absolutely and perfectly

yeah, it seems that genius was no match for stupidity,
or that stupidity's genius
consits in brandings.

It's nothing I wouldn't say before,
and everything after wooden ether.

Raymond Roussel
was not a communist,
nor a very good capitalist either,
but a fairly good suicide surfer.

The academic underground
is closely aligned
to a secret Basque hobby
of Bavarian Kung Fu dancing

Dragonfly Cats on the fireplace with the issue of potential offspring!

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and from this perspective
i could sense it was mouthing the worlds
'picture problems'
pick urpomblems
Jack was ready to cadillac
but the grey had other remains
its time suit revolting physics

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cinema billiard
my soft bum round flame i cold
to your ear
this even velvet gondola murking slow
like finding trunk after trunk
attached to the fine gold filament
the old shop keepers soft manic hands all over
your hard exoskeletongued symphrenny
and you
the great centipede mannikin
your rows of eyes like castanets
clicking clicking
in the glare of the summer

and pacing over sandy curtains

i will trade you driftwood for ducks
my sister for a fine city umbrella
wait do you hear that?
the rainbow of blackpearls
is dropping its skin
to the mirror..

talk about venus my dear
and her meeting with gluthdruggup
the knight of the tentacular mandala nimbus
whose stronghold is guarded by lion-orchid-crocodils,
the image envelops science
as simple and divine beauty
overcame the once great
cthulu empire ..

some toads refuse to change
no matter how many times you kiss them

i will take this brown lodger
into the maze of blocks
and though the light keeps pointing
i ignore
i ignore how they gather
their waiting is a gather
their pinched green frog chef
like a heavy leaf book
attached to a bracelet
waits for the word by the open window
i despise that i have to tell you
i will draw a picture of "a frog chef waiting by the window"
and then
like masturbating green frog teats on an old cow sonnet
i will draw a picture of "a frog chef waiting by the window"
what if i simply
place three thin green frog teat glyphs
in a stone tableau
in a malachite hurtling
what if every line
every novel
every poem
were an emblem 
of a sacred

like a bound column
of petrified frog teats
bound with jiminy cricket water polo

for a time
i circled the empty fountain
on my writing pen
whirling around the silent pen
in the cracked dawn

image was everywhere
as grave
and silent as a din
and breeding 
like a globular fur
seen through mutant prism extrusions

a mosaic zeppelin
of prisms
where the firefly
rides its tricycle inside

like a pelt
some societies
present a regular
if varying pattern

what vague idea
must uncover some accursed care
for how
how hand hotrod pearl
a hot liquid pearl you breathed in
the air
if a hot animal breaks
across the road
your stockings run
your heavy feet
the whole clod world worn over
a big ocean of haze
a chemical sky
and lords like birds
trapped to the idiot tonsil
of a broken mask
skittering like a manta
where it forages
for fetish sparks
among the laughter
of seedlings

so the equation ends
with three green frog teats?

It never ends,
but the vehicle changes,
and is displaced
in many frames.

The whipe and grope are necessary,
Else he might stray off down
some dusty cload.
Being well-trained, he becomes
naturally green and gentle
like a mask of green frog tents.
Then, unfettered, he obeys his master,
the purple earl of glue eared fox prints.

If I just twist
the teat brain a little more, there
zen, sin, sign, zine, sein, sane, shame, same..

The blueberrry girl
has eaten raymond roussel.
now is the time
to set her blue star blazing.
you one thin owl comma'd

yes, you have arrived in a kind of graveyard of images, and a whirring black thing is touching you.

It was then
that I realized
that we lived inside
the dragon money's
pudenda gluten litter
held up
by a headless cat
wearing a fez
of black smoke.

stop touching me there.
it is the will of the black kiwi coin my dear.
i am already extinct.

you say the lampoon flag pop android
extend their bright yellow feelers to the sun
i would certainly like to be stored
to see that

and in a great stadium
all their tongues join to make a white hot boll?

It's time you got in front of this thing
or behind it
as a mandarin
I must always stay a breast
in the latest
corporeal enviriment

could you ever love a monster like me?
with your one palm wing
and that blood pelt you left on the honeycomb throne?
What can we do with eath hover?

If I were this tall
I'd pull your balloon out
and start the whole show over again.
Like this:
Three Green Frog teats walk into a bar
where a great and nude superwoman
is attended by hairless hitler rat splices.

So you
are Dorian Grey?

Yes, you see I've got green frog vaginas
instead of breasts
and this is where the black ivory language comes out.
I've been selling this statuary to the arabs
for centuries.
They secretly love literal images of everything.

The world is sui generis Roger.
Always forget that
when you remember it.

I'd like to burn your damned old head off!
What? And ruin a perfectly good set of shoes
for the next three green froth kids?

gorgeous robots once swam in aquariums of gasoline here..
what a shame.. this used to be a hiorroble urnnutural whorld...

Linda Blair.

Linda Blair.

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I wish they'd use my head for a soccer ball.
I wonder if Linda's statue will speak again.

Do not go gentle into that awl -tavern,
for the bright millionaire gore fathers irked the stereo haze
their green pudenda logic
like a camphor 
upon the wild orchid tongue.
i rode owls
in bright alabaster caverns
perched on the shoulders of immense statues
and took drugs.

Let's all do drugs.
Even the news is drugs.
How stupid of me
to be a drug.

even folly
is a divine presence
of architecture
or music

I wish you'd just pick a chair.
I'm the left hand
and you the right.

But where are the arms?

Do you think my discourse has the flavor and character of a neuroses?
Well I hope you do!
It's not easy finding ways to stay the great white evil, 
old pegasus is getting tired.

and none of them knew what exactly would come out next, though
from the look of things
it would not be much.

Common speach
is much like
the great nobility
of circuses.

no one remembers
my country.
three green frog tits.

could you move your fine ivory gas hole to the left
6 inches

at long last
i had replaced the sainted mastery
of the professional artist
with a fetishism for archival representation

Could I call you
of the Internet?

There are no apple snakes.
Snakes eat meat,
and flowers,
just like Cleopatra.

There's something hard and round inside
like a golden pearl.
I can feel it moving around and displacing my organs.
I can't move, a tree has grown
through my neck.

What will it all come to?

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This is some pocket you've shoved us down into.

But why couldn't they reninvent ancient bull-leaping!
Stop killing those magnificent anaimals!

Now you will learn to mispronounce the words!

Why does she get the only telephone thermos?

I brought you 
your ears back.
I kept them in whiskey
and in the window sill
where they could watch the frog races.

I will change write noun!

left me 

Marianne Moore
to bet 5 black ducats
on the Renaissance.

there's nothing carefree and easy about black lightning.

It feels like there's something
stuck in my shoe...

face it,
there is a pattern to horror,
and its a horrible pattern.

sometimes education
gives you strange ideas
it opens your heart
to greater disguises




Now is not within time.
All of time
is within now.


gong masks never became popular in the west
or east.

you'd think i'd remember the way..

Giordano Bruno in swinging london
take 8

its more like a noise squirt
than a poem in any sense I'd care to paint
by being absent
to your film
which isn't there
in the drifting frog hair
of my green nacred nipples...

Is there a figure of divine computation?
And would there be any reason to reject it on any grounds?

I feel unfit to tend fitness.
Fitness requires a surfitness, an overfitness.
This is an abundance which I have no way to procure,
and this deficit is causing me to degrade to the point
that I forget I am failing to attend to fitness
and simply fail in my own fitness
even as a failure.
I become
a conquering failure
of forgotten fitness husbandry.

these two trees
are the only monster
of numbers
our savior

I am getting up inside your peep hole a bit.

i barely dance.

lie alone at night
inside a meat brain

looking for midieval emblems

but the peephole itself is interesting

it's a camera made out of two hands
forged of bronze
in an eternal flame

that is one interesting sentence,
especially when you agree that
fire is a sentence
which always includes
a subsequent discussion

I'm too tired to be semiotics anymore.
I'll just be Eve
conquering Adam, Satan, The Snake-Garden and Everything!


boiling 3 gree frog 


The reality of W or M
or even H
the great cold drama
which has passed over those stones
like a river of tongue

I didn't know you could still find punctuation around here..

Just watch the great comma of my forelock,
and my shadow's forelock as well.

then divide the sentence up into various sounds.

It is a butchery which requires a slight sleight of hand.

but soon
the spirit
of the thing


so there are these three green frog teats, see,
and a red eye, and these two hands come over, see
and they llog the gridz zen
where a mind as period
traduces the traversions..

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