Saturday, May 24, 2014

scene unseen in the pearly teeth of an undine undyned

nadja-mazda, hurry
nose of corn
gnosis of mazes

the trimming of the niches
the trimming of the hedges
which held the bronze galls
their stretch-chassis-claw-worts
the throat stones cut from their if-sac's
suckling fact
the origin of the world
will coo if a brusque design
on older beaches

what smooth mythic euglena muscle's
stood erect
a fountain of encoded arcs beset
what tongue the fraught translation of
Medusa's head as a raft
in which the temporal refugees
have packed themselves
in ivory dissonance
vague orange competitions
of mannequins and quilleriums

this being all feathered
and yet these feathers control a display
lifting falling
twisting to show their backs
the loki club
with its green top hat fountain
dances with air

a noodle

is saint Anthony beaten by devils
a coded statue encryped here
a single word


it is not average
that anthony's golden nimbus
is the same color
as the wanton demon's face
who carved this jade blanket
for a golden tear drop

[?] go back and drop
it in (high fen)(low sign)

who let medusa's eyes
turn the ocean to stone?

they pier
from virticul

a brine abstracted
plus (place)

the contradiction
in secrets

hewn by votive fountains

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