Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poem Written at Dickey's BBQ Pit.

Pray, beginning sleeper, and let your mind dissolve in me as I
Straighten, upright from the overflowing couch:   pray with all
Your euglena-heart in muscle-fountain,
The longing-euglena only-shoe, as the bird in its tuning sorrows
Bides in good falling—gone fraying
The gather-voices, and more the alone ones what
Pray with the soul-training of hecho

Of the lost ax, that the footprints of all
Predators, moving like old-stone, like
Clean leaves, grey and sensitive as willows’,
Will have left their intensified beauty
And alertness around you, when you wake,
And that the blood and waste of them
Will be gone, or not known. Become
All stark soul and balcony beatitudes the ax in the air
Now come, half-faced, to the land wild labrys land discussion

think upon sphinx-divan
dissolve in me
o ax head air euglena shoe
hecho en masse

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