Friday, May 2, 2014


it is hard to muse on
graffito if found graffito if sound
bird in space presumes a preformative
a non-mutually-exclusive supplementation
of epi-genesis

bird in space to mention
the mirrored blurred light-speed suchness hyphen
or that R. Semon minted mneme:
Kilroy was here
as the dank bread and onions
as the dank hyphen found and sound
in some pre-geometric period vase
there are no wrong stations, but

is the rose cross?
is the bird in space liable
to rebuild itself
from the hyphen of the house
of the law
of eternal returning
to the cave
high on the hill?

Kilroy Den Qen
with friends
looking down
out and over
the graceful supplanting:

is matter itself
divine ressentiment,
or beer?

Aby Warburg
would have come across
the black coccoon
when he attempted to ascertain the progress
of Queen Hatshepsut's Djeser-Djeseru,
the iron cross, so transparent,
a thin black beer through which the bird in space must pass
Kilroy if found and sound
for the garden to ward
no intuit
no final sentiment

the turning of the bird
as if its middle finger were a fire
of memory:

imagine both of your hands
without their middle fingers.

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