Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pensive Frizz

and haunted by this ghostly cat
and haunted (as if in canting it to speak it)
bird gone without suspecting
bird remembering in form
as moth
with window to lantern

every window's form
a languid term
tangled in termination

and haunted by this

go sit or lie
and where the vines touch the ground
describe the jointly arriving lines which feed
the deaf surmounting of the falls

white crocus
its foam white horse neck fondles
and haunted
by this transparent frog body's
palpificating &

pupa zeppelin hand
to lose its skin and spread
its orange lantern roe balloons
across the purple dusk

dusk mirror rose
framed in orange lantern balloon roe
and the roe buck cubed
like an emblem of dear and labyrinthine
antlers holding a transparent cube

an advertisement
for the universal insurance company's
law of the conservation of energy

all these laws
make nature look like paper
and pensive:

o dusk square squa du
o skew duct
oaken dew seam

o swadu
o squask
o quare wadi rama
o husk cue cares
the emmivee cleers
the emu packs whole

swip dev swee
dusk swadoom
sweep-dev swadomm
and doosque

o squat days
o padav
o emka

padam vidim

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