Tuesday, January 5, 2021

a set of small twigs dancing on the surface of a slug

bruising elixirs
common lobes
if we fête external
gristle mandala wheels
succubus compartments
adjacent single entry of
psyclopean nostril oracle
for baking fumes composed
of hovering loaves of many colors
chromatischismic loaves could make
a staircase in the 'in the rain'
just like brains (raining brains)
baked in transparent
perfume bottle engines
joined to mirrored 
jellyfish lovers
by their loving
tendril nerves
dangling these murky 
wavering and frondlike books
as leaves upon which
sample summonings accrue
in wordless orreries
of convalescing structures
the punctums the reveries
of once punctum
but no more
the slim flower-faced frogs
or mudlungfishclipperships
of saffron gelatin poems
squeeze out
of the succubus pores
to build their crooked
precarious cities
of wiggling froth
which from a distance
look like loaves
of brains
in the rains
of bruised elixirs

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