Tuesday, January 5, 2021

swift headlines fuschia echoes island ceascription

in a world spiraling towards chaos
we can see set lovingly
in the dustroil pause 
close to the ground
something nacred pearlescent
and opal emerging 
from the flesh of the new pear
whose tattered skin
world's the bodhisattva
in the pattern
of the dappled deer
all things compressed
in ./. surfaces are deeper 
than their rewards
as symbols competing
by the mane of efficacy
this kirin exists
to snake around
the body of the troll
in excess of its longing
in excess of its image
and in the long opalescent
deer which may contain
all war and which may leak
spirals breathe for non-existence
in the grace of airless
and spherical quiet
the book closed
the mouth shut
the perfect tale
of the glory of failure
remain intact
but disappear 
into fossil logic
or round burgeoning
of new flush
in high starfish scream
who trusts delight
in the stink of rustic foam
where rusts minions
see their own rude crab
dog the hole
their blank gravies
supereternal but
simply leathern bottle maidens
handed out by belted grotto imps
with noduling chinbeaver lampreys
goons swan even
on cliff poem or swaddling
in deep blue deer 
(azured topologiavolumes)
goal puzzle flipside
weird mirrors march
from the vague wood
in old and twisted habits
their knarled split root knuckles
attract these hairy
and philosophical moths
whose curling tails resume monkeying
in the clutching
growling grinding
of the making
of the long color suffrace
in sphere able begot
for order bon delay
compassion so out
its fern took company
in the symbol who
grown leaf thin
and houyhnhnm
by boundary
of their chemical
ochre to ogre
and blood to blue
there is some
gondwana to the booby
kiss the rock
as it passes by
its thin mind paper
travels in
the low and the high
yammering of lacking
now flat
bugle from a dirt crack

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