Tuesday, January 5, 2021

jungle book

for minkowski
to if-cat in the nova code
tangent vectors suffuse
the post-coital 
office bloc complex
as registrations emergent
suppose haliclonal architectures
of marination
spiny bovine wheat stalk idol
did the global world-bank
supported amazon eco-tax
shelter ruminate abstraction's
abstraction of capital replacement
undergo "soaking in a miracle"
is light cone or gravity cone
comma to mowgli 
is comma the event point
for mowgli-space's if-cat
for the nova code which bears
its care in the point; ie:
care bears mowgli professor
as the poincare' group
preserves the interval
across all transformations
of profondo rosso in
world governmental processes
which levy the amazon tax
under their rights
as an anti-gravity cone
the nova code constitution
we were dandelion people
crossing the andes 
by wooly stilted frog: 
recognizes coordinate difference vectors
as arguments (zoltans)
there are spatial differences preserved
between the various points in time
mowgli mega mega mayan
jungle time (separately)
is generated by rotations 
reflections and translations
in which venus is to marinate
in the sum hegelian principles
composed soully of trichoplax adhaerens
reading chordate transformations
as 'stringy blobs' HOWEVER
let me say before proceeding with my ramblings 
that i did indeed find an article 
on the "strung out" form 
and was confirmed in my opinion 
that the organism i had was indeed
nova code's discovery
venus marinating solemnly
in the perplexity
of the fibrous indirect
and abundant light (non-degenerate)
hegelian truth 
and mathemic kernal
mowgli a non-trivial
vector difference

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