Tuesday, January 5, 2021

luminous animated sail patterns

vaguely shaped regions
forwarded to the inner eye
cuttlefish breeding totems
mark out live volcanic shelves
whose mouths orbit splits
in the prorogation of the map's
blurred thatched hands
i am only blonde inside
its great cyclopean ear
and only for a moment's millimeter
of tunk mundane afronesian
shrubbery there is candor
by the shifting schmotility
of cloud barrier choreography
lipid lantern lyceum
takes a decidedly ectoctopoietic
churn the family kournal
spiders the head-tube's
carbon nano-flotem analog
even stolid rampart of sphere
surfaces the tension of frictionless
ineffable electron concrete
in the long face election bird's
drum-stick crown
meaning bears much hollow thumping
each vague national gravity
a lingering tundra 
of elongated and limousine toads
lumpy with the pathos
of surface area

proper urchin crook and flail
languids enclosure
of self-referencing declension
mood of pumice
sleeping dog

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