Tuesday, January 5, 2021

the complete farmer

shoe horse they
are grain due
to your riding
herrador de di-pas
menin maslin ruptures
the miniature michael
cain that visits 
in the spy saga
a smith that shoes
its children along
a rope hernista
in that dream
the surgeon transgressor
is commonly given to cattle
the story was an old entertainment
an animal meeting with an elder first
then negotiating with the child
for a distributive dream 
space makes room for evil
in the dream this equilibrium
and game of hiding from itself
now is breaking in down
up again they've leavened
toads in buns before
tar and feathered horse
shoe play its rope
hung chuldran
throng the gong
what punctilium
has must gone missing
cain that visits
in their proud dilemma
and avenging diana whole
the spear is like a craft
craft is made upon a vague
distributor of space
is the species ready
to take on
its own whole face?
i would suggest
a mirrored and winking
thread whose sliding eye
along the chain
is already child medusa
do not look away
from the blinding stone
bidding on media
medicine medea
mad shine
sun shat
a mixture
of axes hatchets
drawing knives
chisels augurs
to keep grain
between the stones
as the two eyes
around the sulky saddle
what radical palliative
will support the cure now
the weight of its limb
its complaints

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