Tuesday, January 5, 2021


i'm into secure nachos
at johns hopkins
european plug adapter
gelatinous tastee tadpole
of soft baroque stairway molecules
haiku quarterly
and confirming your
red eye flight satchel adoption
to restive rennet cave hideaway
recluse beauty contest
of the virtual cathar ozarks
primo levi denim and abstract
large ornamental hanging 
yacht configurations
of lesser thatched
polynesian outrigger skulls
vpn hosanna 
to the ethiopian highlands
dow customer zipfile 
organ retention profile number
and loosely gamboling 
ant centaur android
with dynamic rhythmic
braille faceplace tablet
closed system pop-overs
the lone survivor
a chimeric protein 
including two curly 
porkskin subunits 
and a linker lectern 
fires up a unique 
memory template
this is one expression 
of a pigmented universe
here the whale candle burns
inside the chest cavity
of the anonymous jonah
here the calico foot tortoise hormones
now thatched spiral staircase wick
will burn and the burning
shall be as ten thousand blowholes
mimicking ceratiidae cuspidors
of 'ageless traveling waters'
flower bedecked prawn zeppelins
will deliver their smooth green bears
guitar cherubs finally 
nothing more banal
than rowing in the oats
and terraces
tupperware david brinkley 
slight detour
radiation storage
in balsamic pearls
now that we had persisted 
through the insistent stink 
to reach the summit there 
was a moment of resistance 
against the inevitable conclusion
that its height left something 
to be desired weird 
pietà abstraction extrusion grown
together sailback or vestigial
arrhythmia puckish
in parochia versmelle 
curtis peckeloh johnson

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