Wednesday, December 30, 2020

to the sun

 and the heavens to the stars and they flew back to me and the ground and the grave and they laid their heads on me and I wept for them and the grave and my friends and the bear I couldn't mourn him I needed him he was still alive but too weak to feed himself and he was not well enough to do any tricks so I took him back to the tree stump and fed him from my finger which was of course not good enough I need to feed my friends and even the cats need to be fed and these animals don't know any tricks so I cried again and then I grew very weak then they offered to help, I've always known they are smarter then me but I felt their hands around my shoulders my bear was gone and I can't understand why he would do such a thing for me. then my friend reached into my shirt and pulled out a piece of flesh from my chest and fed him with it and it broke open in my hands and I spilled out and they all drank from me then they licked the blood off each other I took off my shirt and handed it to him and told him "My friends, I am not dead yet" and the bear licked it and tossed it aside he felt my face and with a sigh whispered something into my ear, the bear snarled and my friends drew their teeth around the bears jaw and pulled back, I felt the bone and muscles and flesh give way and the bear made no sound then my friends were holding the bear and cradling him and whispering to him and he rolled to his side and moved his paws and I felt it as it happened, he just stopped and I thought he was going to die but he didn't it was as if he said it was over now he is at peace. he grabbed a piece of dried meat from my pocket and ate it then the bears' eyes opened and he started to purr then my friends threw him up on the shoulders of my friend and stood close beside him and I was free of the bear that had trapped

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