Tuesday, December 29, 2020

pills of pressed vellum are avoiding pet aeon gills

[they come automatically into my hearth-eye] signals [its nude ideology slithered] (the high what glass/glands) they crosstalk [and leave the bar on crooked slithering labia] (these american carrot men) their fingers (the virus tiddles in the zoo)[we're bailing mid-din] [there was an acrid smoke from the various agons] do the walking dance (mellow kookstarry near the bell jar) {gaol karst} put on your red noose (its [on the green coney a bee makes its hamam] pecking tally is a mere andean phrase refigured) neat oval [a lamb's heiney eating the hair it calls barille] inset book niche (at a {fuo} minimum we get wooden noses) [a {yenana} hyena crocodile consul calling haiti] [samhain {mechen} presents a radial sin] where we first met {ahchoo} that summer (there was a rack of luminous {ahchoo} utensils) the moss shelf [what is this "pressed aloni"] (the mana of the kami assumed a pert tame kali named burt [its political sewing movements] padding softly in the museum of breads) [the surskrivalistes micht inside the pugged goose] and the last four {prot} little hiding robin books [there is the visionary {frot} cock saddle] (these damned empaths and their {fret} boucoups kissing easels) which had lived there {ket" (here the tamed kutambo lives in its june of shaking) [i am obliged to crate the crevices of jam] and their carved [sign jowls see over the hearsay] (the temporary persian paul bunyan was an erotic tengu) BEAKER repeating barrel-like features [ecstatic shelves are merging] (an esoteric seeping had begun and as she sang we patted down the glorious turd) [tech-fans besetting wanton radar] bella pugliosi [the hijinx is sealed up (darius had first tasted oxen spit when gelada's sarong fell open) exotic skull hideaway (someone's feces has been left on the good china) [an ape in a coat of tiny wriggling fishes] along the river there were [mirrored hoses peering] (Ian had come to ukraine with a migraine) signs of occcupation [the neevus of the naked brain is swimming in our beer] (the pyschedelic pupa had numerous paddlers) of occipitopenetradation (the cheery moist and quaking tangles coo) [he interrupted again the kookoo cashmere] gloves of red ivory [okay she said, as she poked holes in the golden ewe] (my baleen is in a fit as they go about trading bangs) hang like saddles (the sad waning kali pretends to be sake') [strangely shaped coffee cup lovers] over the glaause (the nematode's gleaming boucoups kudzu auroras) [i've considered being a dj for the divine number 8] {on the ganges in a V-shaped barge" [k](is squabbala okay for ego nereids' cumulus) [qabbala illuminates the tower of babel with its ungawas nga tagoan sa bungo tar-zan calory] {colonial chaps are as the rays on shedu haunchles] gretel makes a pssshht sound psssht pssshhhht (oh sublime engorging dagwood}

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