Tuesday, December 29, 2020

giraffe hyde constable heckling painters

i guess i just prefer buck henry
to live inside a cardboard 
paper towel roll and when you
think about it
amorphous and blossoming ham
is stretchy in the worm hole
the larger ones where once
the great civilization of mole rats
had flourished without
some reversed engineering
of calligraphy rendered 
in deep indigo sausages
of small conical beads
of lapis set slowly drifting
in aspic not that buck
henry ever played davy
crocket who's well known
for his luminous scars
of bear claws
the main idea is that
if narratologies were
clustered in a string
it might be threaded
into some other 
adjacent string
or through itself in an
earlier location
i guess i just prefer
for buck henry
to play benjamin franklin
getting abducted by
aliens on a dark
and stormy night
on the deck
of a huge wheeled
prairie schooner
somewhere deep
in the gazelle thronged
of antarctica

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