Wednesday, December 30, 2020

sample of some homonyms meaning lines

recapitulation phages adjust
to this but
there in the simple
chary long hair serpentine
cushion sofa literature
a cushion essay poem was shaped
for draping long hair for diamond-
boned skeleton wearing
literary cushions of shaped
poems stuffed with long hair
long haired cushion-poem skeletons
stuff a larger shaped cushion of simple
serpentine canyon cushion scenes
you can imagine being a furious
undead diamond skeleton
wearing a padded magical yeti suit
of infinitely complex blinking
chittering embroidery
a living embroidery of display
whose signals signal a life of their own
as signals racing through the visual threads
of the hair display vectors
of the shaped sofa yeti display cushions
which have built a 
tidal poem in the canyon
if only it were as simple
as being nude alone and feathered
and crawling through the serpentine
embroidered pillow which fills
the canyon's serpentine snaking literature
of architectonic formalisms
if only our hominin bright eck kaleo
mist serpentine would suit
the etched solar skeleton
to intestate fortune of interiors
spilt embroidery to their gilt
blazing inconfidence our
sectic or secret motive purvey
made concrete mad
the nude kaleo eck it crawls
through the red pillow of dawn
and out onto the canyon table
to view the cushion gears
and their spewing and churning
of the diamond threads
chittering vectors
how is a gape of symbols
fangoring canyon literature
mists conceal
these yeti snake cushion poems
giving birth
to feathered tongues

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