Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the ducking stools run 24/7

peter greenaway used
pam grier as a hashtag
but if the rating doesn't sell
why lipstick a pig as present
sometimes a cannibal meal
glazed with hashtags
is still a cannibal meal
just ask country ourobouros brains
whose long twisted knotted 
brain meat catheter indexes 
are extruded into crenelated 
rope feces analogs every day
consider sliming this with hashtags
of metaphors 
english gangster albert spica 
has taken over the high-class 
le hollandais restaurant run by french chef 
richard boarscht spica makes nightly 
appearances at the restaurant 
with his retinue of thugs 
some images of cannibals are
pressed into a lipstick
one assumes that the natural form of politics
at this late late date in the vulgar destruction
of all things would look more like the wilton diptych
where the wild frail jesus in rags carrying
a miniature yet adult proportioned lamb
had been replaced with a traditional yogi
a wild frail jesus of siva
who also does a few tricks like a cowbird
but is also a cannibal of hashtags
living mostly in a slimy ourobouros
of twisted extruded brain meat 
rope feces analogs with jesus
and also pam grier
the green way
is not open to all
the green way
puts a burden
it puts a load
on the machinery
and while light
it does emphasize
the active measures 
of control
which must be engaged
in order to make
a rational mind 
both supple
and sternly engulphed
by the gnosledges
of aow tou dou zat
and the universal tears
of titubantium
obviously this poem 
wasn't for you
the poem itself
has never been for anyone
but cannibals proceed

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