Tuesday, December 29, 2020

sequence of dangerous matter portal inhabitants

flugue nor frugue
the constantly shedding
pupa of windows
hiss its shatters to
the physics on the re-
mianding seem a 
spear point solar integer
throbbing behind its eye
stairs remain remind remend
and meander no gravity
with this distributed sense
of senter and encapsulated
sequence a moment's pupa
can air loose disturb
the air is a single unopened force
pleasure or displeasure 
towers in unopened windows
not of self but of the self
of the combinations of moments
and selfs which set steer coma
before this register o break
to fob complexity in
spin rule mask or clearer
sea witch in grey flannel overcoat
now its burning tribe genitals
are not automobile totempoles
but the sigmund lung-freud 
of pollution's quiet grove
where undead aluminum goethes
groan in their color wheels
two shoe-like telephones will cover
your termites face in ecstasy
flugue roons grunewelker poe
is a terminal torso 
of termite telephones calling calling
to the pupa of windows i have
a pain in my jaw made of old
rainforests of terminal 
cellphone termite ecstasy
in one moment a tower of windows
could lose an arm in another
its whole body might be disturbed
by goethe rainforest cellphone roaches
covering their faces
in shoes of ecstasy
bats of veer stirred
with manic masks
on the ends of their shuffling
handles of "voog bel grood'
what isn't very beautiful
and warlike otto matterrettam

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