Tuesday, December 29, 2020

coral face growth pouch

amid the globular 
rhubarb orb camouflage
their crystal penny lenses
bolts of life cast 
photon radiations
through the idealized figure
of the molten vegetable
one photon
may be a dandy
of a lady
or an impossible gentleman
or a shaman
of indefinable presence
one lone photon
gliding in its chariot
pulled along by gelatin
their optical nerves
dangling from the backs
of their heads
like reigns
how would i know
that your statue came to life
in a piece of folded
spring stationary
the reign of camouflage
among the rhubarbs
the drifting flocks
of crystal medallion coinage
supplementing the idea
of an idea
with the tinkling
of an idea of thinklings
or a mirror of ink
with a rhubarb
head anemone
racing along the crevice edge
with a photon
made of centaurs

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