Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the wavy sad echo basin doomed by a dribble glass

the wavy sad echo basin doomed by a dribble glass
clanging phages
the candle owl in plaid pants helmet
will never be worn on kitty hawk
unless fatimid wright flyers unearth
honeycombed helium cauldrons
with gourd horn handles
let orientalism be a new measure of
"do stop signs suffer lightly
human skinned elephants in hyderabad:"
who says we don't pray to mother gondwana
when our telescopic beetle obelisks
sample martini bread fort phosques
a little owl is charming
when it takes off its turban in vaudeville
leaving something of the same shape
in its place namely fresh spring 
feather snake weasel lovers
wearing only their owl in plaid pants 
and their strap-on hooka masks
each with four minarets
and détourned coca-cola neon
woken asemically 
(out of step with the modern world)
to the dream of matter's insanity
you might find satin flea jesters
quilting themselves into classes
there is no psychology in matter
but the ones that we invent
from colloidal instability
tufa tea-set irises
whose horned hawk is this
staring intently at the luoxing pagoda
who is now a fishmonger woman
who forms her fishcakes
from the subtle lettrographic differences
between latin and the faun
who knew jaunty painted crab shells could house
so many different lengths of 
pan-pipe raw-stalk reflexivitease
you can imagine a sad bull has been changed into china
and all the shelves are full of people
trying to cataclivity 
the chagrinity gyres
of its chock-a-block dichroic
dragon checklist glass carburetor 
perfume puffing jaws
panthea coenobita is grown
to cover their luminous faces
noxious still sounds at least
like an owl headed fish wind sock kite
dusted with yeast
and gluon headcold menhirs
of zippery baby stars
what museum is really
a furry skeleton purse
when you know for instants
any fee says a see for totes
"i ate bulgogi on hambrick street"

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