Tuesday, December 29, 2020

pigeon comics

there were a bunch of shady dudes 
dressed like spiderman
hanging out down by the park in la rochelle
the one with that huge waterwheel
baroque barrel vaulted 
skeleton cupola thing
it's about 4 stories tall
when you go in there
yes / no it's back in the plant pantry
i couldn't ever find that poster site
something like that but oval more
more of a painting of a lovely
older lady walking her lobster
with a blue silk braid
more of a lautrec vibe
but in a vaguely di chirico landscape
our settings themselves
are the muse in newspaper
i guess i'll let you go on the poem 
it's braid lea 57 in carmichael
with a lot of feral parakeets
or bioterrorists 
allegro assai / ma tranquillo
moving in the same dressed up direction
and fake homeless spiderman kids
or spiderman junkies
i guess they're meth heads 
peter parker paraclete i have found peace
from the core of the atom
and the core of space
who knows about the face of nature
all things feel
clear the cache try that
these roots are beyond human
the holy spirit is now moving 
in the mantle of the origin of data
of the earthen stone
and has made it popcorn like
and snaky with armadillo mantillas
black alchemy knows all about
the precious sounds of democracy
but do people really get
a sense of the universe
parakeets perched in the delicate
wire-frame skull that 
sits over the fountain its 
whirligiggerish vibe and 
the dirty dirty pythagoras
busking to baggies
counting the mad
free-thinking walls
of om the radiant foam
out of nowhere
the creature out of nowhere
bathed in the majesty
the travesty 
of flux

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