Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the fallacious uria of the gory findiplasm

/c/ursiv\e /dip/li\ch\nites of e\vening\\\\\
r/a/m/ble\ t/hro/u\gh\ their par\asomnial
a/n/d /meg\a/neu/r\op\siantopo\logies\\\
of/ j/oi/nted\ /ribs /\of s\cribbling\////////
\b/r/an//ches o\f/ ass/\oci\ative prob\abilities
e\a/r/th//urian t\/ree /\sco\rpion fern\s///////
ar\e/ /lo//osed an\/d lo\/st \in teeming\\\\\\\\
\an\t /l/ac//es the e\/lmo\/ k\ansas wind\ow///
h\as\ c/l/os//ed arou\/nd u\/s \but the pre\sence of its
gl\id\e /r/efl//ection s\/ym/\m\etry remain\s/
in \th\e /w/ri//ting of e/\ve/\ry\day life who\se/
c\ry\pt\ic /is/o//metry gr/\ou/\ps\ posit\///////
p\ost\-e\di/a/ca//ran min/\i-h/\ol\ocaus\ts////
of\ de\sig\n/ r/ep//laceme/\nt /\an\alogu\es\\\\
an\nou\nc\e/m/en//ts vogu/\e s/\tr\atigra\phic\
sto\arge\ b\a/rri/er//s with i/\ncr/\e\ased\\\\\
\or n\am\el\es/s v/e/r/acity /\/\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
a\nd t\hin\g\-h/ul/ks/ /(agai/\/\\\n)\\\\\///////
cl\amp\ th\ei\r c/la/w/s/ to b/\/\\\lock-ends///
of \the l\ast\ v\er/ist/ic/ /bust/\/\\\s///////////
to s\kate\ am\o\n/g t/he// thin/\/\\\ ices////
pate\ furs\t//\\\\\///\/////////////////////////////
of the\ col\l//\\\\\///\/ective and commutative
in med\ia r\e//\\\\\///\/s respitrate //////////////
and give\ gl\a//\\\\\///\/d dhalgren to some dagda
of the suc\kl\i//\\\\/\ng\/ antsic oorn/////////////
do odd knee gnathic lanterns

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