Tuesday, December 29, 2020


mudge lidge hudge
in pablobopsody we bream
this illuminated spiral head
and spiral ring tailed
remoulade lemur camper codeling
to the abby babel base debris-derm
des smodel

dusty models hidge the luft dondel
rugs curl and armored fleas somniloqueeve
from the fades in their shed
this event has many flat spots
to token

muybridge arrives in babel
to see the elephant cur folk
nuv a nuv a pebble tidal truba
door images wash through images
pebbles upon pebbles
herd the physical sifting pixels

first there is the elaborate
literary comb assembly
second the secondary combs
which arrise spoontaneously
from the tynes of the dromes
and by vexplanation awl
whot oordlets

come cuddmudglelidge a fly's body
and busks its sway into armoire
hades in waiting
musty models fridge their cambeo
the liquid split in blapdo's head
is a spiral ring circuit for midges

midges shape the froth
and are shaped by the froth
there midge menhirs
and midge trains to inside also
made of midges
directed by the budgies!

there are triangular flat spots
where midges carrying pebbles
may land
and the pebbles act out
on their televisual surfaces

all the fly's pebbles (dromes for metaphor)
are much accustomed to hannibal's play

the origin of pixels
was tranked as a mudge brath
or a thumping stool
for if you conceive of history
as the proof of a planetary schitzophrenia

the spiral core
is lifted
the spiral drone tree is rising
and as the green hair comes shooting out

flidlidge's roll their pebbles
along the capsid filaments
to their whatstone pitys
and the meatstone bridge is care

human-headed robot snakes
are aware of their wall-socket memoirs

each narrative tends to blend
in the highly variable
alchemical budgie prospero
within the arabesques
of a generally permeable
situation there's a music here
of that's not music anymore

out of roamliness
i went out of my hut
of multicolored budgies!
and gazed out
into the throttling world
of whirling pebble pixels...

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