Tuesday, December 29, 2020

corrupting things with illegral cosnic hubors

how are you at work
how is that a yes or a no
how truculent the garage
has abandoned your social
worker's negligee and left you
in campo become negligent
is there no winona ryder there
with the blue writers of the esquiline
are fat lavender snail meats your only mantas
there by the community of latrines in vitrines
we were only aware of biosemiotics victims
of a general caliber 
.45 ruminatio noshing negligent neglects
in their nitred nitingowngales
here they mistook their own philosophy
of the grotesque for a natural existence
charging all fellowship with incadre urnings
of squirming senescence or piebald feeblitude
oh how their invented purposes were laid bare
to our detailed and inventive
hand carved fangs
of pompous spasmodic jelly knoodels
of konjac wattles
jowls hung with root bubs
tiny owl larvae festering in the cheek
where the noble and thrusting tongue
had once laid its mighty camisole
golden quail heads spray sprite upon you
as you lay in situ en vitrine 
among the flue cats
of the customary and staid proportions
of out of whack 
which cowbirded your earthly paradise
your text all turned
to pornographer's primrose
printed on a parasol
and sitting in the shade with a collie
named lassie
whose collar shines
with a jaunty sheriff's star
are you at work
yo is that a yes or a no
hulot's statue is dusted
with lightly toxic cement dust
while the fresh slick
balloon ballerinas
go farting by
like orange baboons
in the sunrise

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