Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the remote and familiar land

a host of feelings from early on
but not knowing much about
and neither do they now
maybe in that one book
the detail of an echo
or the echo of a detail

this longish explication
and in life even
of munsalvaesce

in her summer
or what it would be
i've seen versions of 
this story in my life
the sadness in feeling
that one's self 
has a worthlessness
or a value that others
willfully unsee

you've tried to help
a friend that means more
to you than the world
that the world 
as if in a hologram
is one single
sacred friend
who knows you

and maybe she wore
the bathing suit
whose twin rainbow- 
colored unicorns
covered her breasts

in details
there is a dog
sleeping near my feet
or the emerald rajiformes
lead mostly away
from colors
or is it too obscure
to connect the name
of jules verne
with that of the vernier
scale of diffraction
hard to know

things are hard to know
but moments in which
the symbol of knowing
emerges quite on its own
remains a revelation

le rayon vert is a 1986 film 
by eric rohmer 
it was released 
as summer in north america
one summer
or how we fell in love
joseph campbell's
creative mythology
was written in 1968

there is a crowded
host of feelings
from which the innocence
must intent
its unapproachable
and loving creature
and how the creature
is made sure
by the mystery

some summer
lost or regained
must creature intent
upon our grail
and emerald green
how is it to love
this creature

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