Tuesday, December 29, 2020

grey tomato tick helmet themes

verr wrong teuchla deucis
the strong youth descends
from the orb of bear hide
em gambria co-alndowando
mackerelle fini pons donce
its hammer is made from an anvil
pepe le plaisirs sullu lei eiman
red donkey wants cookie crocodile
baden baden weiss heckler hugel
with its brood of metal pig swimmers
dino peepee beer with craw bish badge
wearing its international thunder tail
or crotch tree pepper skull crooner snapper
this is delicate inarticulate pearl ruby cheek
printser llergi bin moghul mughal waves
llama binti saucer feuding dago von humo
humbo clean doll colour her hair and hands
ornt goro waggy moco knee ozoro
amen nekro kumonokokoro ahem
hoopoe kookoodontics "stalriveny"
verr wrong thoothless douches
in cambrian kuni tsuchitushy
the boy with grey hair spying
on the rococo bathtub falcon spritenymph 
neu rooroo kato neuron-toe
tacky dinosaur reeba zone
cyclone swan charisma paredur is nooky
mates your coggy fleexbroadend and penthkour
crazy cagey hib hibby kiki kookabookura
even kenthy kanthy grotthy cunths a level disgusth
at big rigging as calibans it  and its praises
doodle baudelaire fondling an ugly head
then decorate it with fond flowers all
these facts suggest than an art recognizing
its own paradoxical character pure and impure
doesn't really imp a chance with the marginal
co-contradiction of synters
klaus phosbane hose! we interpret your languayair
as a metaphor, henbone and as such you are
immediately invoked on high
and discredited as a skyne of the thrimes
there's a foregrounding of self-abolishing
incongrunity /verr wrong roodooteuchla
doontchiss or cali bantha surfers
the infinite substance disdains the perishing mass
but the rhododendrites offer aquarium condos
whose hodospondiliformian pillirilliphiliasps
goo good gloves of turquoise mandible donkey hives
there are turquoise spider donkey beards
combing out their condos into extravagant schemes
"there is no false grotesque" for the ground itself
gurds a plural vice of hose tang woodspirit cattle
a heroic poem of enormous appetites sent from home
because of an enormous appetite the giant came then
for the strong man who was frothy with elk legs' blood
or toad scarab thumb drive cargo dumplings
kireretaru yumewa makotoka 
nomi nomino tomato
belieive it as you will
high building site of shitake' lumber dryers

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