Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Grumpy Old Charade

maybe grieving
are lyrically trailing
around the dust devil's fountain 
of ideal solid piñatas in search
of mutant and angelic
handbags for holding
your agree meant
with the molecular angel
around the subject of the abject
yet you cannot discuss this
with it as every word of its
language seems to bean
a forty tiered yacht
of clamoring 
eyeball golem people
with scythe kites
kissing amorphous
branching pink fluff:

how could you not
have noticed
that diogenes
makes way
for walter matthau
o(u)r molecule
speaks lovingly
of turtles

"some translation"
the funny joke
of the delta
by weeds

cultivation enjoys
reading the manx alice
of its own opposite

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