Tuesday, December 29, 2020

goomorth mauclumsih

rethoco wrethoo
kih stone face torso fountain
agitation replication
stilts approach the scree
battle appears as 
a stone wreath-face writhing
of rethoco baroonthiads
kih stone collar
10000 fountains
of writhing stone
face torsos
form a wreath
one barmaid holds
a killer dumbell (runglemandledate)
a rethoco cushion
even specific gravity
of hell pearl compression
fountains must give
drunken acclaim
to the skirt of wreathes
the wrethoo of the battle
of loco stone collar swarms
of headless writhing
stone torso fountains
whose pearl necklaces
of eyeballs
are trembling (pethonkey)
to rethoco mansions
of topical applications
grooms address their fauntains
using stone horses
legless headless fountains
of writhing wrethoocoo
face apiary cairns
stone torso hives writhe
ascending the mountain
bee faun weevil's
trembling brethoco
wrethoo its
fountain of kih faces should
disconnect from the 
motor pool of barmaids
whose eyeballs go skittering
in taxis
in a single mansion
there are 17 pethonko
faun fountains and where there
should be hands to grab
we naiads there is only
a writhing of canes
and gables
hovering face-mantas
whose garbled and cursive
gill slit remains
gift passive grifters
to nomadic drifters
baroque in their
pearl-necklace diapers
of kih eyeballs
a stone torso fountain
balances an eyeball
in its gently thamthook
naval mandrake seller
what barmaid microscope
could make you krakaythoo
what wreath of stone 
face torso faountoons
grips a gissive kintherm
soda column
of mind herm
bry miangled
gives all the themes of 
wrethoco their answer
from his severed legs
their grew roots
from his severed arms
there grew spider-faced fountains
from his severed neck there grew
faun agglutination branchings
each gable of the funereal mansion
is a high hat of hydras
but here funereality is some
wrethoo or actual knowledge
of the history of the life of sound
in the universe
how it grayn'd all brownindree
to hoffloco merriclaven
freaths of mountains

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