Tuesday, December 29, 2020

International Gothic Chancellor Shrimp Dog

there is no bun regal enough
to hold your opalescent cylinder
losey displayed sublimational 
tendencies which involved
trading his family religiosity
for feelings associated 
to left wing politics
he decided to let himself
be led through psychoanalysis
by a racist right wing
student brain surgeon who at
the top of his field in 1930
needed to pad his resume'
led zeppelin, mr. klein
a celestial albatross
will confer in the magics
of secret ceremony
SERE MONEY (if involved) 
will inflame the righteous
housekeepers of promises
there is no excuse for
researching the temperature
amid the glowing reviews
of purgatory:
the castle is my family
and proust inside
his own grandmother
had asthma
which like the cabaret
was an interpretation
of the frenetic atmosphere
of the obscenity
of people stuffing their faces
with opalescent shrimp dogs
brecht mentions this
in galileo
a wind through the lion's eyes
adam and eve were naked
and never ashamed
and both of them were chased
from the garden of eden
not by satan
but by masacchio
these are clumsy 
even messy
ways to load a bun

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