Tuesday, January 5, 2021

franklin run five two

stark steel
vacuum cleaning service
the rhododendron lamb driver
in the host of rainy thralls
its diamond homeless torii trellis
chaste choker brigade would
ruse the sidewalk heroine
garden procession catatonia
as these tiny eloping children
tearing and rearing trees
remark upon shabby rents
in candid coffee choirs
the eerie taste of alum
in the lavender yard elbow's
self-sprawling buildings
triangular dipping flags
of inwardly impeccable
spruce geometries pine we
orange potted pulches
of cyclopean muttonchop parks
would have given anything
for a thick-walled
smooth-hipped chimney
for our masks of
dried pressed herbs
elective neon minor
weirdly climbing altitude alleys
i smell gas coming 
through the wall of iron butterflies 
ridden by bums and strippers 
to the green volcanic peaks
of indiscreet and frisbee 
les déjeuners sur l'herbes
and the dark human pointer
to the squalid and glorious
distances wreck-tangled
in vying cycles

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