Monday, January 9, 2017

3 separate ohms


here lies the sunblind jealousy
where the grist unravels the émailler
food to cough its eye
that hercules entered frankenstein
and on the third day rose again
as telephone


here lies the sunblind jealousy
looped in its gutty prod with raudal fleeting
some keep its coup the clipped silver bowl
a miniature necklace
some keep its spherical covenant
on Lake Picabia we found a strange
drowned house

ohm 6

here lies the sunblind jealousy
great wide ornery arms lifted to the sky
not knowing
their dances silent stars
like infinite nostrils copulated to spiders
in the midst of a bulging corrode
pungent arches of sentient odors
their pumice worlds


their pinkish sponge hands
their private roundpapers
all pale this universal
private fragment
which goes without warning
from unknown to unknowing
and all about its kin
here lies the socialist hobgoblin
here lies the individual creep


here lies the sunblind hideously
what ambiguous saviors might travel
in deep light
through strange well motes
glossy with thinking fleas
touching the circuit randomly
with its thin erotic fork
its comic and tenured broth