Tuesday, January 17, 2017

General Issues Concerning the Struggles of Magicians

this blue crab feast is expanding
engulfing all
the dream of progress
like a small handkerchief
is tied round the arm
of a homeless market boy
running wildly
the mustache of its knot
never golden not even once
who is followed surreptitiously
by the woman called Shenub
a strange dancer who has seen
the breakfast of the world
three spinning rings
and a dinosaur used as a symbol
for something even more obscure
the schoolhouse is closed
and the teahouse
is hung with jaws
red in the glass red lamps of gumbs
in the glass red veins of lamp-gumbs
we red the crabs
the blue feast of the red crabs is
a ballerina called Shenub
who has no earlobes
her family name is Ourbare'
she lives in active treason against hate
but is consumed by it as color
some optical splitters know this
the radical construction of concrete
and irremediable reality
like the genius of failure
progress does not come to handkerchiefs
for mind is a kind of agent
or spirit or page or lamp
of skin under chuddah-crab
of / oourfve / of confusion
so ancient that its face is worn
and alien
but smooth
people ignore it in the market
it muffles a sour parakeet