Saturday, January 14, 2017

All the Jazz of 1966.

who is that surf raven?
frame hanging over open sea
frame hanging
inside of me

the frame of woven ravens
the frame where the beak
and the word are made

what sea is framing
your frame, surf raven?

what surfing?
what heavily embroidered wall
could you glide through so easily
what will the sensit eye dew
who is the surf raven?

that golden beak no boat
no golden leaf pontoon
so strange you lost hear at sea
in your red head black raven
grasshopper boat no beak
no raving surf you know?

did you know
that you are raving surf
a swell thing
and having embraced the shell
snakes in a pit look so omphalogical
did you surfa
in tufa high mountain ocean pit raven
did you frame?

this dope
is very much to the jazz
it's a heavy pattern day
take your beak off and have a seat young day
surf's up
surf's ravin'

framing: check
tufa: check
longitudinal grass island hay raven
surf capacitor: