Monday, January 9, 2017

the brackish forebeast funding funting

in huge toroidal forests hovering over lavender fog plateaus
long elastic tree kangaroos glide like feathered snakes
the elaborate ecosystems of their tails providing fish-like fins made from various symbiotic insects which do not suck their blood, but merely use the kangaroos as taxis from one level of forest to another
their bodies having become more aerodynamic through eons of kangaroo flight

the words should taste like
Villiform teeth
lo nogic
gol cogic

logo nodgeah
go nodgea
grown odd ya
totally random chemical hommfotsprachelichenichte
foose bot bittle brot

bread robots playing in the hirn japescape
in huge toroidal feather insects
transparent helium filled monkey snakes glide
the elaborate ecosystems of their tails
providing tree kangaroos habitat

iff harley grimpen nodulanes would clepe
clepe their plettels on the hi

hi bled clyme
and clyme roof-ed clettle

and beef anglo architecture meddled
in wide helmet sky or homogenocene

wilful wunders
grease more paradox in a day
by their paper wattles wifting through the gifts

infinite gifts
gifts flowing sparkling
air moilecauls

califlumes grifting all in trittled tassimorn quanfitlidubious
dungaree kangaroo

in brittle vines

in basalt dimes

lo mountain made low
for trading worm wigged glifty pogs

these wiggling breasts
of idle stone
gust bewildered electons

kodama nuts join
into star masks
for kangaroo snakes