Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ode on the tablets of the law

shave these shaggy tablets
these stone tablets grow hair
but they do not need it anymore
that hair goes nowhere man
in particular
maybe it goes down a drain
maybe it reroots
in somebody else's brain
that hair is everywhere man
shave it now
shave ye this tablet or dispair
ye gods there's tablet hair everywhere
it looms like a wave up over the sky
its comes shooting at lightspeed
from everyones' eyes
hair o copious language of growth
but is it alive or dead
what is this long curly black hair
doing living in my bread
here is its living room
and here is its bed
here is its kitchen
and here is its sled?
and all of it all of it
inside my bread
i've never seen such a civilized hair
it surely didn't come
from my head