Saturday, January 14, 2017

shaving its hind had revealed a sign: any string a formal language

and on that stone
lay the befuddled dreamer's ode
to monstrosity
its svelt and nictitating goiters
spewing their tiny white porcelain guitars
which themselves spew a concurrence
of concateneities both
tremulous and tremendous
hoork! herons' flade glake!
the tremendulous ode of begotten goading
of forgotten floating must
must monstrado sphere
for world so floating its tusks apart
and peer for so lorn its roll thing peerage
a whole world so floating round and alice
alice lickerish root meta-tomb
and mandrake puppet loom
its het thot-pule head surrounded
in refrains: transparent eye frown
transparent eye frown transparent eye
frown in difference is unity
in conflict a clown or palm demon piri
for weak parables all (water)
ock space its vision coccoon
is a fictional being
with a huge bodhi of interlocking puzzle lyres
and the head
that is a glory sun
burning all to oblivion
with meaning
and tact was all but bundled sticks
this weird ab-ode